Lisa Butler

Sport: Cross Country Skiing

District: Central

Community: Peterborough

  • What other sports do you participate in? Swimming, Track and Field, Basketball
  • What do you hope to accomplish while competing at the National Games? To do my best and hopefully come home with medals.
  • Describe your most memorable sports accomplishment with Special Olympics. Getting to travel to the National Games in Alberta, Newfoundland and then Nova Scotia and competing with lots of new people.
  • What other hobbies or activities do you do? Enjoy listening to music, hanging with my friends, working out at the Wellness Center, doing arts and crafts, watching movies.
  • How would you like to say thank you to our sponsors? I would like to let you know how important competing in sports is to me and because of what you do, I am able to compete at national levels. So thank you very much.