Ezekiel Liu

Sport: Speed Skating

District: GTA

Community: York South

  • What other sports do you participate in? Swimming, Track & Field
  • What do you hope to accomplish while competing at the National Games? I have been training hard on and off the ice to become a Provincial Speed Skater. I would like to get some Personal Bests at the Provincial Games and make some new friends on the Team.
  • Describe your most memorable sports accomplishment with Special Olympics. 2018, the same year as the 50th anniversary of Special Olympics Ontario. It was a year of accomplishment for me because I qualified to be a Provincial skater, a dream I have been praying about for a long time!
  • What other hobbies or activities do you do? I enjoy drawing cartoon characters and playing my favourite songs on the piano (for example: “O Canada”, “Star Spangled Banner” and “The Periodic Table Song”). Of course, I also enjoy playing video games.
  • Who is your hero? And why? My favourite super hero is LarryBoy, a character from Veggie Tales, who keeps the town of Bumblyburg safe from many enemies. Without his super powers, LarryBoy is actually just Larry, a cucumber who is quite ordinary. I am a bit like LarryBoy. Without my skates, I am just an ordinary boy. When I put on my skates, I become fast and powerful on the ice.
  • How would you like to say thank you to our sponsors? I would use 2 visuals:”Then”:I have a photo of myself when I was 5 years old, dressed in the Vancouver Winter Olympics team uniform and holding a medal. “Now”:I will take a photo of myself wearing the Provincial Games uniform, holding a medal.Under these 2 visuals, I will say:”Thank You Sponsors for helping me to realize my dream!”