Benjamin Caldecott

Sport: Speed Skating

District: Central

Community: South Saugeen

  • What other sports do you participate in? Swimming
  • What do you hope to accomplish while competing at the National Games? I hope to make new friends, to represent our local area and see new places in Ontario and Canada!
  • Describe your most memorable sports accomplishment with Special Olympics. The Gold Medals, and meeting new friends
  • What other hobbies or activities do you do? I listen to music, ride my bike, work at the golf course, enjoy eating good food
  • Who is your hero? And why? My Mother is my hero, because she supports me through the great and hard times.
  • How would you like to say thank you to our sponsors? I would like to say thank you with a note, or a letter, or a speech. I am truly thankful for the opportunity to compete in the games. I feel very proud when I win or not. I practice hard to do well, but if someone else does better that is OK with me too. It is a great experience